The Missouri Point System and Penalties: Part 2

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Accumulating points on your driver’s license in Missouri can result in the suspension of your license, or even having it revoked. But what violations can give you points? And how is this “point system” calculated?

In general, the points assessed for driving violations are broken down into three categories based on conviction under state law, county ordinance, or municipal ordinance. Some violations, if committed during the operation of a commercial vehicle, can be used to disqualify a driver from holding a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). There is also a longer list of violations that are assessed two points whether they are a state, county, or municipal violation.

For example:

  • Speeding (over 5MPH over posted limit), is a 3 point violation under state law, but only a 2 point violation under county or municipal ordinance. The same is true for excessive speeding.
  • Driving without a license under state law is a 2 point violation for the first offense, 4 points for the second, and 6 points for the third or subsequent offense. Under county or municipal ordinance, it is a 2 point violation regardless of the number of offenses.
  • Some other 2-point offenses include driving over a sidewalk, failure to sound horn, and improper backing.

Regardless of the traffic violation or level of offense, having the right traffic attorney can prevent you from having points added to your license.