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traffic tickets in springfieldGetting legal representation for charges against you is a good idea. Most people simply don’t have the knowledge or experience to navigate the legal system. That’s for the professionals. The next time you need traffic violation representation in Springfield, we have the attorneys you can rely on.

At Springfield Traffic Tickets, we are dedicated to protecting your driving record. Let us make your life easier. Depending on your situation, we can eliminate or significantly reduce your charges. 

Mistakes happen, and a traffic ticket doesn’t have to be something that sets you back. Getting traffic violation representation in Springfield by experienced, professional attorneys will be hugely beneficial for your case.

Why Get Springfield Traffic Violation Representation?

  1. traffic tickets in springfieldThe Legal System is Complex and Confusing: The average person simply doesn’t have the ability to represent themselves in court. Even experienced attorneys often hire legal representation, knowing the importance of an attorney who is emotionally detached from their case. Attorneys understand the law in ways the layman does not. This includes how to properly file court documents and how to handle legal procedures.
  2. Attorneys Are More Effective In Court: You will fair much better against a prosecutor with an experienced traffic ticket attorney. People who try to represent themselves in court are much less intimidating to prosecutors.
  3. An Attorney Can Improve How You Appear to a Judge: Guilty people will most likely pay their fine, or show up to court in the hopes that the officer who issued the ticket will not show up. By investing in an attorney, the judge will be more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt. An attorney is better at convincing a judge that your charges are unfair, exaggerated, or false.
  4. Attorneys Know How and When to Challenge Evidence: There are times in which evidence obtained against you was improperly obtained, or when witness testimony contradicts one preceding it. Having Springfield traffic violation representation can ensure that none of this is missed, and that your trial is fair.
  5. Attorneys Will Help You Avoid Further Problems: Often, hiring an attorney will prevent problems before they arise in the first place. The average person doesn’t understand the fineprint involved in legal documentation the way a lawyer does. Getting professional Springfield traffic violation representation will help keep your legal headaches at a minimum.

What To Expect from Springfield Traffic Tickets

traffic tickets in springfield

You can easily provide the information we need regarding your case by filling out the form on our homepage. Feel free to email, fax or even stop our office with your ticket. 

With the information we are provided, we will proceed to establishing the pre-trial motions for a dismissal of your ticket. Often times, these motions are all it takes to get your traffic ticket dismissed. There are a number of different motions that we can present based on your traffic ticket. Some of the factors we consider are:

  • The statute cited on the ticket
  • The filing date
  • Markings found (or not found) on the ticket
  • Errors or mistakes on the ticket

Usually, the first day of court is the pre-trial conference. The officer who issued the ticket will not be present for this pre-trail. We will present our motions to the judge.


traffic tickets in springfieldIf these motions fail, there are still plenty of options available to us. We set to work on preparing new motions for the trial date. The officer who issued the ticket will be present for this trial. With the both of us there, a cross-examination will take place. Which often results in dismissal or significant reduction of charges.

Our Springfield traffic ticket attorneys will negotiate your case professionally, and do everything in their power to get you the best possible outcome for your case. We will help your charges to be dismissed, or reduced substantially. We are experts at amending charges to lesser offenses. If probation is certain, we can make sure it does not affect your record.

The Springfield traffic violation representation you will get with Springfield Traffic Tickets will help ensure a fast resolution of your case.