Springfield Traffic Laws for Motorized Bikes and Mopeds

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Missouri law is pretty straightforward regarding motorized bikes and mopeds. This includes the requirement of wearing DOT approved helmets while riding. Regarding motorized bikes and mopeds, everyone operating one of these vehicles are required to wear headgear for protection when in motion.

Licensing is another important aspect of Springfield traffic laws related to motorized bicycles. All operators must have a valid driver’s license. Additionally, passengers are only allowed when the motorized bike is designed for a passenger. This usually includes having a designated seat and footrests. You and your passenger are also required to wear helmets.

Proof of financial responsibility, or insurance, must be provided when a law enforcement officer makes a lawful stop.

Being one of the more stylish ways to travel across the city, motorized bikes and mopeds also come with operator responsibilities. These laws are necessary to help ensure your safety as well as your passenger and other drivers.

One thing that makes this necessary is the requirement of wearing a helmet. Buying a helmet that looks good will not compensate for safety.

Selecting the Right Helmet

Protecting your head begins with selecting the right helmet size that fits comfortably. For the most protection, you may want to buy a full-face style that is not too big or too small. This type of helmet also diminishes rider wind noise and rider fatigue.

A sticker from the Department of Transportation helps to ensure you have chosen a helmet that meets federal safety standards. Always keep the strap fastened securely so it does not fall off your head while riding a bike or moped. Dropping the helmet is not an immediate reason to replace it. Let a professional examine it to make sure there are no cracks or other damages that would make it less effective during an impact.

All Helmets are not the Same

These laws are not only about obeying the law, but also to ensure you remain safe. While following Springfield traffic laws to wear a helmet, it is important to remember that helmets differ based on the activity. Each one is designed to protect your head from impact, whether from playing sports or during an accident. Otherwise, you will not have adequate protection.

Identifying which helmet is right to use that meets the standards set by Missouri law. Fortunately, most helmets come with safety standards that meet legal requirements, since this type of head protection must comply with federal safety standards.