Seat Belt Laws & Fines

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Missouri has two specific state law statutes that address the use of seat belts. These statues are acknowledged by local police personnel as enforceable Springfield traffic laws.


Law enforcement officers cannot pull you over for not wearing a seat belt. But you run the risk of receiving a seat belt companion ticket, if you are violating any other traffic laws.

Say you get pulled over for speeding, and the officer approaches the vehicle to get your information. If he sees that you are not buckled. He, or she, can – and probably will give you the a seat belt ticket.

Thankfully, seat belt violations don’t count against your driving record, but your primary traffic offense can. Depending on what the violation is.

If you receive any violations that can effect your records, your auto insurance company can hold them against you for up to 3 years. Thus causing your rates to increase, which will add up to more than what it would cost to just get it taken care of.


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The first, of the two, Springfield traffic laws regarding seat belts is Missouri Statute 307.178. This law dictates that the wearing of seat belts is mandated for all drivers and front seat passengers. Unless they are medically exempt from wearing a restraint. Passengers under the age of 16, wherever they are seated in the vehicle are also required to be buckled up.

If the driver has a learner’s permit, all passengers in the vehicle must wear a seat belt. There is a $10 fine for violating this seat belt law.traffic tickets in springfield


The second seat belt law is Missouri Statute 307.179. This law dictates that all young passengers meeting specific age and weight requirements must be restrained by either a vehicle seat belt or a booster seat.

There is a file of $50 for violating this seat belt law.


The driving force behind seat belt laws is for the safety of all vehicle passengers.

According to Missouri Traffic Statistics, 1 in 3 people involved in auto accidents, who are not wearing seat belts, get injured. However, that statistic is greatly brought down to 1 in 8 people being injured who were wearing seat belts.

Missouri Highway Patrol claims, those who don’t wear their seat belts, have 42 times a greater chance of being killed in an accident. So by wearing a seat belt, you cut your chances of being seriously injured/killed by 45-50%.


Whether there were injuries or not, as a driver you are responsible for your actions. Paying fines and getting points on your record is not ideal. But it’s what will happen if you don’t get it taken care of.

Points on your licenses will negatively impact your insurance premiums. They can even effect your credit ratings, as well as your place of employment.

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