New House Bill Could Put “High-Risk” Teen Drivers License At Stake

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A new bill passed on Tuesday, by the House Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety; put young drivers at risk of losing their license. Missouri teen drivers whom are accused of unlawful driving could lose their licenses.


In an interview conducted by the News Leader, supporter Dorinda Padgett, a 72-year-old retired administrative assistant from Lees Summit, speaks up.

“Teens and other drivers on the road would be safer if teens were to take their lumps and learn their lessons early on in the learning curve.”

Padgett lost her husband back in 2013 to a 17-year-old who failed to obey a stop sign. The case was prolonged 3 years, meanwhile the young driver was still driving along side us.

View full interview here.


traffic tickets in springfieldHigh risk drivers, are drivers who are more likely to get into an accident. While most of us have heard of insurance companies denying coverage on high-risk drivers, and we thought that was bad. Now high-risk teen drivers can lose their licenses.

Driving offenses including:

  • speeding over 10 miles per hour above the posted limit
  • leaving the scene of an accident
  • careless and imprudent driving
  • endangering a highway worker or emergency responder

This bill does not require a teenage driver to be convicted before they lose their license.

Officers who write a citation for a “high-risk” offense, would then be required to file a report with the Department of Revenue. From there, DOR would suspend or revoke the license based on the offense.