Missouri System for Assessing Speeding Fines and Points

It is common knowledge that different levels of speeding result in different fines. Even the number of points added to your license vary. How this breaks down, however, is often unclear to drivers. In this post, we will go over this system, but you can always reach out to our Springfield traffic ticket attorneys for further help.



In Missouri, the system for assessing fines for speeding is fairly straightforward. The levels of speeding are broken down in 5 mile-per-hour increments.

  • Speeding 1-5 MPH over = fine of $73
  • Speeding 6-10 MPH over = fine of $83
  • Speeding 11-15 MPH over = fine of $108
  • Speeding 16-20 MPH over = fine of $133
  • Speeding 20-25 MPH over= fine of $208
  • Exceeding 26 MPH over the limit results in a mandatory court appearance, and can lead to criminal charges in addition to fines and points for a moving violation.traffic tickets in springfield

Keep in mind other factors may apply. Speeding in a construction zone can result in an additional fines. As well as if there are workers present. Be sure to pay attention to the signs, construction zone signs are hard to miss.

Drivers caught speeding in a labeled work zone, receive an additional fine of $25. But if there are workers present during the offense, the driver will be fined an additional $250. On top of the fine given for said speed bracket.


The point system for speeding is also fairly simple. Another factor to remember in the point bracket is whether the citation is issued by the state or the city.

For violations of 5+ MPH over the limit: three points are assessed if the violation is recorded under state law. Two points are assessed if the violation is recorded under municipal law.

Generally, this means if you are stopped by a state trooper, you can expect to have three points added to your license. Whereas if you are stopped by a local police officer, only two points will be added for your violation. You can learn more about the Missouri points system here.

Drivers who don’t surpass the speed limit by more than 5 MPH, are not given any points. Excessive speeding results in an additional three points under state law and two points under municipal laws. These points can add up quickly, as earning eight points in an 18 month time frame results in a license suspension.