Going To Court To Fight A Speeding Ticket

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So you were caught speeding in Missouri and you were issued a speeding ticket. You have a few options. First, you must address the ticket with the Fine Collection Center within 30 days of the issue date with a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty. If you plead Guilty, you pay the fine. If you plead Not Guilty, then congratulations, you are headed to traffic court!

What Can I Expect At Traffic Court?

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When you decided to plead not guilty, your citation was sent to the county prosecutor for disposition. You now will have to appear at court to plead your case. You may have chosen to plead not guilty because the ticket fine is too much, or you may already have points on your driving record and you can’t afford any more. Or perhaps you just have a fighting spirit. Whatever the reason, it will be up to a judge now to decide your speeding fate. You want to plead the best case possible. You can choose to make your case on your own. Are you ready to defend your driving record? Interview any witnesses? File paperwork? Are you familiar with municipal, county and/or state traffic laws? Most folks are not prepared for this. You can also choose to hire a Springfield traffic law attorney to represent you in court.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Should you lose at traffic court, so many bad things can and will happen. Points will be assessed against your driving record. If enough points accrue, you could have your license suspended. If you lose in court you will still have to pay your fine, and then also face a possibly even higher fine, court fees, and legal fees. You can probably expect to see an increase in your insurance premiums. In choosing to fight your ticket, it is clearly in your best interest to hire an attorney. Springfield Traffic Tickets will be happy to assist you in court. Having an attorney at court with you or on your behalf will advocate for you to have charges reduced, reduce or eliminate points, lower fines, and help to keep your insurance rates from rising. We will also appear in court for you if you cannot or do not want to appear. This is a fight you should not enter into alone.

So, If You Get A Speeding Ticket…and you want to fight it, immediately call a traffic attorney. At Springfield Traffic Tickets, you will be represented at competitive prices, and assisted in court to get the best positive outcome possible for you and your driving record.