Funeral Procession Traffic Laws in Springfield

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Much more than missing an appointment is at stake regarding motorists interrupting a funeral procession. Not only can you cause an accident, but you can also face a moving violation. Typically, cars that are part of the procession can drive through a red light. If you are trying to ‘beat’ their time to cross, a serious accident may lead to property damages and/or personal injuries. Avoid either of these scenarios by knowing Springfield traffic laws concerning a funeral procession.

traffic tickets in springfieldThe actions of motorists whenever they encounter a funeral procession are covered by Springfield Municipal Ordinances #106-195 and #106-196, and state law. These laws also cover what drivers who are part of the procession must do while on the road. It is best for all parties to have a clear understanding of whose rights are affected. Remedies for motorists must also be considered as a prerequisite to effectively handle insurance claims after an accident occurs.

Funeral Procession Defined According to Missouri Law

According to state law, a funeral procession has two or more vehicles that accompany a dead person’s body from a funeral service to the final disposition. This may also include a place for additional funeral services.

Lead vehicles in the procession must have lights or lens in purple or amber. Another option is for lead vehicles to have alternating flashing headlamps. The procession has the legal right-of-way to all cars except emergency vehicles. Once lawfully entering an intersection, all cars included in the procession may continue to follow the lead vehicles without stopping. They must do this while exercising due care, following each other as closely and safely as possible.

By law, other vehicles are not allowed to interrupt the motorcade. This includes joining, driving between, crossing the path or attempting to pass the funeral procession.

Springfield Traffic Laws for Funeral Processions

If you are driving and encounter a funeral procession, these are the legal roadway standards that should be followed:

  • Never join a procession just to secure the right-of-way.
  • Never attempt to pass a vehicle that is part of the procession, unless a passing lane is provided.
  • Do not drive between vehicles that are part of the procession unless a law enforcement officer directs you to drive through.
  • Springfield ordinance 106-195 permits cars that are not part of the organized funeral procession to enter an intersection after the procession proceeds through a red signal if doing so does not cross the procession’s path.
  • All vehicles in the funeral procession have the right-of-way that drivers of other vehicles and pedestrians must yield to when encountering the procession.