Fall Is Here! Stay Safe During The Holidays With These Tips


With fall officially upon us, which means that the holiday season is about to begin. From Halloween until the New Year, you can bet that many Americans will be traveling across the nation to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. 

If you plan on traveling to celebrate with family and friends, you’ll need to prepare your car for colder weather travel and for emergencies.  Here are some tips from your Springfield traffic attorneys to ensure that your holidays are fun-filled and safe. 

Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter DrivingSpringfield 1/4 Mile - Springfield traffic attorney

Though it may not be quite winter yet, getting your vehicle prepared before it’s too late is always a good idea. Here are some useful tips to help get you prepared for the holiday season:

  • Check your tires.  If you don’t have enough tread on the tire, you will have a hard time gripping the road.  If you aren’t sure about your tires, drive to a tire shop and ask the attendant to check them for you.  Some people keep a set of snow tires that they rotate when the weather turns. If this isn’t an option for you, chains are just as useful when needed.
  • Be prepared for anything. Keep an ice scraper, extra blankets, food and water in your car in case you get stuck and need to wait for a tow truck.  
  • Keep your tank full. If you are able to, fill your tank before the level goes below half full.  
  • Check your windshield wipers and fluid. Nothing is worse than driving through rain, snow or hail and not being able to see. Keep yourself and others safe on the roadways this season by making sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and that you have extra windshield fluid stored in your car.

Special Considerations For Driving In Bad Winter Weather

  • Check the weather. Always check the weather forecast before traveling. Being caught in a blizzard by surprise or a thunderstorm is no way to spend your holiday. 
  • Let someone know where you’re going. Make sure to give them addresses to where you plan on staying and information of the other people that you are traveling with. Additionally, check in with your loved ones regularly so they don’t worry.   
  • Take your time. Before heading out defrost your car and take the time to clear the snow off of your entire car and double check that you can see out of all the windows.  
  • Reduce driving speed. When road conditions are bad make sure to reduce your speed to a safe speed. You’ll also want to increase your following distance. Staying farther behind other vehicles will ensure you have enough time to come to a safe stop on slick roads. 

How To Stay Sober For The Holidays

Drinking with friends and family might be a tradition in your family.  If you need to stay sober to drive, make sure to drink nonalcoholic beverages and enjoy other aspects of the seasons.  There are a lot of holiday drinks and food that you can only get one time a year so enjoy them while you can. If you find yourself facing DUI charges speak with one of our DWI traffic attorneys in Springfield today. 

What To Do After a Minor WreckTraffic Accident in Springfield

Even after all we do to prevent an accident, it still can happen to us.  If you find yourself in this position Springfield traffic attorneys recommend doing the following:

  • After the accident, immediately put your emergency lights on to warn other drivers.  Turn on all other lights for more visibility.
  • If you are not alone, check your passengers for injuries and if needed call emergency numbers. Call the police if another vehicle has been involved or if you need further assistance.
  • If another car was involved, exchange required insurance information. Do not discuss the accident with the other person; wait until the police arrive or call your Springfield traffic attorney immediately.  

How Can A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Help With A Traffic Ticket?

A traffic ticket during the holiday season can put a damper on the festivities, but there are ways to lessen the effects.  A Springfield traffic attorney will help resolve tickets and violations and help reduce other negative effects of a ticket such as insurance increases and points on your license. Call Springfield Traffic Tickets today to schedule a consultation to discuss what legal options are available to you.