Everything You Need to Know About Missouri Traffic School

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If you’ve received a traffic ticket in the state of Missouri, you may be able to complete a traffic course to satisfy the requirements of your court or the Missouri DMV and possibly avoid accumulating points when you receive a traffic ticket.

While these courses are beneficial, you cannot simply get a court to “dismiss” your ticket by completing one. You can only take a course to avoid accumulating points on your driving record that are associated with your violation. Whether or not you’re able to do this is determined by the county your violation was received in and the Missouri Fine Collection Center. They will also consider the specific violation you’ve received and your driving history. Too many points on your driving record can lead to a suspension, fines and reinstatement fees.

A MO Court Will Allow a Driver Improvement Program(DIP) to Avoid Accumulating Points On Your License IF:

  • You’ve plead guilty to your violation
  • You’ve paid your citation to the Missouri Fine Collection Center

To be eligible for defensive driving you have to have a Class F or Class E license, be charged with a moving violation and have been convicted of the charge. You then have 60 days from the conviction to complete your course.

Helpful Info to Have When Enrolling In a Traffic Course:

  • Your court originator number
  • The name of the court
  • Your specific case number
  • The date you were convicted.

After you receive your certificate of completion from your course, you’ll need to mail it to the Missouri Department of Revenue in Jefferson City so they can remove the points associated with the conviction.