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Springfield Speeding Ticket Lawyer/AttorneyHave you been issued a speeding ticket in Springfield that you plan to fight? Then you’ve found the people who can help. When you decide to fight a speeding ticket, choosing legal representation from a Springfield speeding ticket lawyer/attorney is always the right option. It’s never a good idea to try and fight a ticket in court by yourself. As a matter of fact, most professional attorneys who end up in trouble with the law end up hiring an attorney to represent them as well. Here’s why:

  • It helps to have an objective party there to represent you, someone who isn’t emotionally tied to your case. Without emotion clouding their judgement, they can fight your case with the cold, objective logic.
  • Judges see the inherent value of having legal representation. If you have actually gone through the process of hiring someone to fight for you, you are far more likely to be taken seriously.

This is true for attorneys, but it applies even more to you, the layman. After all, you probably don’t have any legal education or experience. The law is complex, and the language of the law is esoteric. During the course of your legal battle, you also run the risk of further incriminating yourself. A Springfield speeding ticket lawyer/attorney knows not only what to say, but also what not to say. In the heat of the moment, you might end up letting something slip that would have been better kept under wraps.

Springfield Traffic Tickets is here to fight your case for you. Often times, it’s as easy as giving us the information we need and letting us take care of it. You probably won’t even have to show up to court! It is also typical that we can have a ticket dismissed outright before a trial even takes place.

How We Work

Our goals are to:

  • Springfield Speeding Ticket Lawyer/AttorneyProtect your driving record
  • Prevent points from accumulating on your license
  • Keep your insurance payments as low as possible

When you choose a Springfield speeding ticket lawyer/attorney at Springfield Traffic Tickets, you can expect fair prices and friendly service. We have a reputation for success, having represented thousands of people in Missouri.

We have many ways of fighting traffic tickets. We know what to look for on the ticket, such as missing, misspelled, or incorrectly written information. We know what to ask the officer and what to tell the judge. When you choose us for legal representation, you can expect quality work. Here are some of the most common ways we go about fighting a traffic ticket in court:

  • Find out if the officer’s equipment failed – If we can find evidence that the officer’s radar gun malfunctioned or wasn’t working properly, we can get the ticket dismissed.
  • Look for any errors on the ticket – A Springfield speeding ticket lawyer/attorney can check for errors such as getting the year, make, and model of your car wrong, or misspelling your name.
  • See if the officer shows up to court – If the officer who issued your ticket fails to show up for court, the ticket will be dismissed.
  • Appeal to Legally Justified Action – Sometimes an action that is typically unlawful can be justified under certain circumstances. Let’s say you were driving through an intersection when the traffic light turned from yellow to red. Technically, this counts as running a red light. However, if there was black ice on the road, or other conditions that would have made a sudden stop far too dangerous, your ticket can be dismissed due to Legally Justified Action.
  • Question the officer’s perspective – A Springfield speeding ticket lawyer/attorney can challenge the officer on the basis of his or her perspective. Can the officer be sure he or she saw you commit the crime? What were the lighting conditions at the time? How heavy was traffic? Challenging the officer’s perspective can convince the judge that the officer was incorrect regarding what they perceived, and the ticket can be dismissed.
  • Springfield Speeding Ticket Lawyer/AttorneyMistake of FactThis involves assessing conditions of the traffic control signs on the road on which you were issued the ticket. Were the signs inadequate, damaged, or faded? Were the traffic lights malfunctioning? Was the sun making it impossible for you to see the traffic lights or signs in front of you? A compelling argument regarding mistake of fact can lead to a ticket dismissal.

Contrary to popular belief, a Springfield speeding ticket lawyer/attorney isn’t going to cost as much as you might think. We have an incentive to offer affordable services. After all, if it was ultimately going to cost more to hire us than simply pay the ticket and accept the consequences on your license and insurance, no one would seek our help!

Why Hiring a Springfield Speeding Ticket Lawyer/Attorney Is Your Best Option

When it comes to traffic tickets, you basically have one of two options:

  • Pay the ticket and accept the consequences
  • Hire legal representation

As stated above, it’s never a good idea to try and represent yourself in court. Whether it’s a simple ticket for running a stop sign or a far more serious crime, your best option is to hire a professional attorney who has the education and experience to represent you.

A Springfield speeding ticket lawyer/attorney at Springfield Traffic Tickets has the skills you need to help you get your ticket dismissed.Springfield Speeding Ticket Lawyer/Attorney

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